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newdelhi.flora.ca (Disk failure)

From: Russell McOrmond <russell@flora.ca>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 22:30:33 -0400 (EDT)

   I thought I would be announcing good news this evening, which is that I 
was able to move all the servers into a room in the house that is cooler. 
Unfortunately when I wen to send the message I noticed major disk failures 
(the kind that you can hear loudly) on the disk for newdelhi.flora.ca.

   I was able to back up the /home/ directory from the bad disk, but most 
other directories were too dead to recover.  I took a backup from July 11, 
added in the /home/ directory from today, and created a Xen image that is 
now running.

   Hopefully all the changes that people made to the database and to their 
applications are running fine.  There may be odd duplicate messages sent 
out from the email server, and the Mailman archives are missing for 
anything since July 11.

   The network is now as follows:

indiagate.flora.ca / floragate.flora.ca
   -- two boxes acting as DSL routers.  Once a bug in Xen is fixed I
      will be moving these as well.

   Xen server with calcutta and newdelhi

   Xen server with bankura (LDAP) and hugli (mail,pop,pns)

   Secondary mail server, to later be consolidated with one of the other

For the curious, I am tracking the following Xen bugs..

XenU has Kernel panic (xennet?)

XenU guest kernel reports "Received packet is 10 bytes before head."

  Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant: <http://www.flora.ca/>
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