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calcutta.flora.ca (AKA: flora.org) upgrade to Fedora Core 5.

From: Russell McOrmond <russell@flora.ca>
Date: Mon, 08 May 2006 16:58:41 -0400

   The computer that runs http://www.flora.org has been upgraded to 
Fedora Core 5.  This should not affect any services running on this 
computer, although upgrades of system software sometimes expose bugs in 
applications people are running.

   The most relevant aspects of the upgrade are that the system is now 
running PHP 5.1.2 and MySQL 5.0.18.

   Some time later this week I will be moving the calcutta.flora.ca 
files to new hardware, and there will be a period of downtime during 
this upgrade.

  Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant: <http://www.flora.ca/>
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  Movie and "software manufacturing" industries from modernization.
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