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[Fwd: [cooperix-status] update on status and bandwidth plans]

From: Russell McOrmond <russell@flora.ca>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 10:50:40 -0500

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Subject: [cooperix-status] update on status and bandwidth plans
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 20:16:49 -0500
From: Michael Richardson

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Today we tried again to put the 2Mb/s SDSL modems (Xpeed) into service.
We reflashed them and tried the "320" bridging code, which was very much
nicer, but didn't link up. We then went back to the 320R code, which was
totally crappy (looks a bastardized *BSD, complete with IPF filtering,
actually. Too bad it wasn't GPL and they had been forced to disclose
source code... I wonder how long until customers start insisting that
they have the code escrowed via GPL)

We have talked all weekend about fibre connectivity. We have a meeting
tomorrow with Ottawa Telecomm to discuss things.  The economics just
don't make sense for us. We liked SDSL, but it is really dead. No
suppliers, nobody wants to use it, and all the vendors are dead or
acquired and forgotten. Such a shame. Long Live The Bell Hegemony.

In discussion with a couple of you, I asked why you don't just go to a
"brand-name" co-lo yourself, and you told us the reasons why we don't,
	- desire for serial console/mgmt
	- desire for remote power control
	- desire for portable static IPs
	- desire to stay away from windows infected networks

We had a long discussion with our "landlord" and customer, P&L
communications about how to resolve this, and what would make sense for
us and what you make sense for them.

This is the current plan:
      a) we have ordered two 3M/700k ADSLs (Bell Nexxia supplied).
	We hope to get bridged ethernet (vs PPPoE) and talk BGP.

	This still puts us at the mercy of PPPoE backhaul screw-ups,
	and anyone with Istop in the past year or other companies other
	than Bell knows how often things are screwed up.
	(Although bridged ethernet tends to be less of a problem than
	the PPPoE with the ISP-redirection-system that Bell has)

	This will solve part of our bandwidth and redundancy problems
	in the near term. I hope that this will be in place within
	two weeks.

      You can see your traffic usage at http://mrtg.cooperix.net/mrtg/
      If your port number is not obvious, tell me your MAC address, and
      I'll look it up. If having your traffic patterns visible is a
      concern let me know, and I'll password it.

      b) we believe that we will be moving our network out of 309 Cooper 
	This is not a firm decision as yet.
	We will evaluate the costs, performance and reliability of
	the bridged ethernet over ADSL.
         If we stay, there will be additional air conditioning and more
	rack space. We are not happy with the assymmetric nature of
	the ADSL, and we know that none of you are --- for many of us
	that's what we can get at home, and the latency of the link due
	to the FEC and the Bell Nexxia disaster is not great for other things.

      c) we are investigating leasing some space at 250 Albert Street,
	and moving our equipment there. This will likely mean that we
	will charge by the "rack unit", although initially, I imagine
	that we will have space for some tower cases on shelves.

If we move, we will likely offer remote power and serial console to all
customers.  The facility itself provides AC and UPS.

Our decision to move to 250 Albert will be predicated upon the prices of
interconnects. Pretty much anywhere we ask, bandwidth is $250/Mbs/month,
and once you have the cabling in place, one can add/subtract relatively

The question will be: what does it cost to get the interconnects made.
Some spaces at 250 Albert are not neutral --- i.e. in a Rogers' cage,
you have buy layer-2 from Rogers. At the Telus/Rogers/Sprint/GT
buildings (264 and 270 Albert) you have to buy everything from them. Our
failure to get our LDDS into 264 Albert (to one of the Ottix POPs) was
due to Roger's being unable to sell us the LDDS cross-connect for a
reasonable amount.

We are open to other locations, but we prefer neutral space with an
uninvolved landlord.  We know about one co-location facility in Kanata
with Telecom-Ottawa bandwidth provided.  We are uncertain if that would
suit us, and it is definitely not neutral.

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