March 6, 1996

Many have suggested that since my protest has had no affect on the position of the BOD in regards to renewal, that I renew my account and continue to try to help the NCF in the areas I feel it is lacking. I do not believe this is the right decision:
  1. Since I have access elsewhere (I run an ISP), I do not have a need for the ACCESS services of the NCF.
  2. I have no interest in participating in the NCF's 'Virtual Community', and am only involved in the use of electronic communications tools to help the 'Physical Community' (Ottawa region, etc). This includes people and resources that should be available to any online user within that physical community, and not just NCF users. I will continue to volunteer to try to make these services available, and do not need an NCF account to do this.
  3. My only personal use for an NCF account was as a volunteer (Software volunteer with shell access) for the NCF. Since my skills are not desired on the NCF, and shell access was already revoked, this volunteer account is not needed.
  4. The NCF is continuing to de-emphasize it's roll of "Communications for the physical Community" and put an emphasis on it's "Virtual Community". With this shift in the roll of the NCF, my volunteer time does not have a place.
  5. archiving of my account will in a small way save the NCF resources, and will help it more accurately record the number of active users in their virtual community.
Where my volunteer work and a project within NCF are in agreement, the volunteer time will be spent. I can not foresee a project which would require me to TELNET or otherwise use the scarce resources of the NCF in order to partner with the NCF.

Here is the original protest:

Further documentation follows the protest.
This year the NCF has decided to start up a yearly renewal process which requires each NCF user to prove their identity. When reading the letters it becomes clear that this is a very obvious request for money. Anyone reading the renewal notices will not have any question of this.

I have personally been involved with the NCF since its beginning, and predicted the very events that brought the NCF to its current state of financial distress. In my opinion the problems are political, and not financial in nature. I strongly believe that placing more and more money into trying to sustain an unsustainable system is not going to do anyone any good in the long term.

Suggestions have been made over the past 4 years, and a large amount of volunteer time (At various times approximately 1/3 of my professional work time valued at a few thousand per month was being devoted to NCF related tasks) have been put in by myself, only to have these suggestions rejected by the NCF Board of Directors.

In protest of the renewal process I have decided not renew my AA302 Freenet account.

The energies I previously put into the NCF have not been lost. For more information, please take a look at FLORA Community WEB @

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