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I previously ran a self-employed company where I offered consulting services. As of 2011 I have been staff at another company, and no longer offer consulting services.

Please visit my personal page, which also references my Linkin profile.

Links to key groups I am involved in.
List of Canadian Federal Members of Parliament (MPs) I have met.

More links to sites I'm active on via my personal website.

Presenting the "I have 4 things in my hands" explanation of ICT property rights at BarCamp 2007 onMarch 31, 2007.

(Photo by Jason McLaren)
After doing the IT Property rights presentation for 5 years, I had the opportunity to give the presentation in front of the Bill C-32 special legislative committee. The music CD had been upgraded to a DVD set of Sanctuary season 2, and the CD player had been upgraded to my Google Nexus 1 "phone".

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